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“Voted ‘Best English Village Simulation App’ 2015”(0)

March 23, 2015

Another Tom Gauld cartoon that cracks me up.

Mediadesign Hochschule

Game Design, Digitalisierung, Gamifizierung: Unser Digitalk-Vortrag bei der Digitalen Stadt Düsseldorf in der MD.H

Spielmechanismen für die Digitalisierung von Gesellschaft und Geschäftsmodellen und persönlichen Lebenswelten von Gesundheit bis Arbeitsmotivation

Revealing Photograph (click to embiggen)

Wait, Did I Really Wear a Watch in My Teens? (Revealing Photo Unearthed)

There were many reasons to wear a watch, and it was never really about Time. With smart watches, or Apple Watch, that might change.

the one and twenty

Can Somebody Draw a Videogame Metaphor Cartoon Just Like This One, Only With Cats?

Just kiddin’. Another great cartoon about gaming, a few months old already, that’s too good to not being reposted on my blog!

the one and twenty

“Meanwhile, in Space”

Unloading supplies onto the International Space Station.

the one and twenty

Corning: Made of Ass

Oh, and I heard that some $21 trillion dollars have been misplaced.

the one and twenty

Uploading Your Brain “The Winter Market”-Style? Not soonish!

PZ Myers is the wet towel in our echo chambers of grandiose ideas.

the one and twenty

From Prosthetic Memory to Cities to #OWS to Time Machines: Terrific TV Interview with William Gibson

“The only real time machine is just getting older. It’s very slow, but eventually—it eventually gets you to the 21st century. Or the 22nd.”

the one and twenty

Medic! (Also, Call in the United Bunnies Colonial Marines)

Happy Fertility Rites! Happy Spring Bunny Month! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

the one and twenty

By 2179, Humans Still Haven’t Encountered a Species They Can’t Turn Into Coats, Shoes, or Handbags

From Alexander McQueen’s fashion collection “Plato’s Atlantis.”