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AdvX 2018

On Interactive Writing: @joningold’s Sparkling Dialogues(0)

April 24, 2019

How to plan, prepare, and execute dialogue that is both interesting and interactive.

Chris Crawford’s Dragon

How the Games Industry Killed the Dragon @chrisc_crawford Went Out to Slay

While the Dragon was vanquished, it wasn’t vanquished in the way we hoped.

Yellow Brick Road

Not Even Dreams: From Oz’s Yellow Brick Road to The Division 2 ’s Capitol

Experiences, all experiences, are inside our heads; and inside our heads, all our experiences are real.


Ludotronics: On Exploration

Whatever it is you’re working on, always make sure to remind yourself to go explore.


Web & E-Book Release: Ludotronics

Release of my book Ludotronics: A Comprehensive Game Design Methodology From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals for intermediate and advanced game designers.

the one and twenty

“Voted ‘Best English Village Simulation App’ 2015”

Another Tom Gauld cartoon that cracks me up.

Mediadesign Hochschule

Game Design, Digitalisierung, Gamifizierung: Unser Digitalk-Vortrag bei der Digitalen Stadt Düsseldorf in der MD.H

Spielmechanismen für die Digitalisierung von Gesellschaft und Geschäftsmodellen und persönlichen Lebenswelten von Gesundheit bis Arbeitsmotivation

Revealing Photograph (click to embiggen)

Wait, Did I Really Wear a Watch in My Teens? (Revealing Photo Unearthed)

There were many reasons to wear a watch, and it was never really about Time. With smart watches, or Apple Watch, that might change.

the one and twenty

Can Somebody Draw a Videogame Metaphor Cartoon Just Like This One, Only With Cats?

Just kiddin’. Another great cartoon about gaming, a few months old already, that’s too good to not being reposted on my blog!

the one and twenty

“Meanwhile, in Space”

Unloading supplies onto the International Space Station.

the one and twenty

Corning: Made of Ass

Oh, and I heard that some $21 trillion dollars have been misplaced.