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Yay! The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology Is Coming Out Soon!

Ludotronics Cover


My book The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology will be released on August 24, 2023.


It’s not yet open for preorder (except, curiously, at Amazon Germany), but will be at the beginning of August.

Here’s the Routledge/Taylor & Francis book page. Right now, if you switch your location from the U.S. to Germany, the currency switches from $ to £. Barring recent geopolitical developments I missed, this is probably a bug.

Also, here are the links to Amazon U.S. and Amazon Germany. On both pages’ “Follow the Author” sections, there’s a book on “Timeless Wisdom” listed that Amazon thinks I’ve written. As y’all know, “Wisdom” isn’t exactly my middle name, so that book must have been written by someone else! I’m trying to have that rectified and contacted Amazon; we’ll see how that pans out.

For those not familiar with my book’s history: in 2019, I self-published the first version for two reasons—to keep it fairly inexpensive for three years, which I did, and to be able to put the entire content online under a Creative Commons license, which I also did for three years. After these three years, I planned to approach a publisher for a regular honest-to-goodness print & ebook edition.

That has come to pass!

In 2022, I successfully pitched Ludotronics to CRC-Press/Taylor & Francis. After that, I painstakingly edited the entire book with respect to everything that had transpired since 2019, in terms of both industry developments and personal experiences, and wrote a brand-new additional SECRET LEVEL chapter for it to boot, which you won’t find in the ToC! (Otherwise, what would be the point.)

You can’t yet preorder The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology, as mentioned, but you can get the word around! That’ll make me happy too.


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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