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Comp Copies Arrived and The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology Is Shipping!


Ludotronics (click for full unboxing)

My book The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology is shipping!

💃 Also, my comp copies arrived! 💃

As mentioned, I like to steer people to independent bookstores, if applicable, and/or to publisher-owned bookstores, which would be Routledge/Taylor & Francis in this case. I asked my agent why the German page displays £ instead of € and they didn’t know and promised to ask. (Seems to be the case with other books too, however, so perhaps it’s not a bug but a feature after all.)

And again, here’s a handful of Amazon links: U.S., UK, Germany, Japan. As to my Amazon Author’s Page, I just fired off another email—it’s been six weeks now since I requested approval.

Another thing I mentioned in an earlier post is the rather steep sticker price on which I have no influence, and that I self-published the first version of Ludotronics in 2019—here’s a brief history—in anticipation of it for that very reason.

Soooo—order’s are open and shipping has commenced for The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology! In a freshly edited & improved format! With an additional Secret Level! From a prestigious publishing house! And even if you can’t or don’t want to buy it right now, you can spread the word. That’ll make me happy too!


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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