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As of today, The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology Is Available for Pre-Order!

Ludotronics Cover


My book The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology is open for pre-order!


Shipping will begin on August 24.

Usually, I like to steer people to independent bookstores, if applicable, and/or to publisher-owned bookstores, which would be Routledge/Taylor & Francis in this case. However, while their U.S. and other pages are fine, the bug (I guess) still persists that it doesn’t switch to € but £ for the German page. (I had contacted my agent about it, but yet have to hear back.)

Anyways, here are a handful of regular Amazon links too—Amazon U.S., Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany. Fortunately, I’m no longer listed as the author of Timeless Wisdom, even though my communication with Amazon leaves much to be desired. (For six weeks now, to give you an idea, I’ve been waiting for the Author’s Page confirmation message.)

Finally, yes, it’s a sticker shock for some. I can see that. It’s the publisher’s price, and I have to go with it, naturally. Also, I self-published the first version of Ludotronics in 2019 for that very reason! (I wrote a few words on the book’s history in this post.)

But now, you can go and pre-order The Ludotronics Game Design Methodology in its freshly edited & improved format, and with an additional Secret Level, from a bona fide honest-to-goodness prestigious publishing house! And even if you don’t want to or can’t at the moment, you can spread the word. That’ll make me happy too!


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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