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Blade Runner

Unboxing Free League’s Blade Runner Tabletop Role-Playing Game (Plus Some Kanji Lore)

I couldn’t help but buy the most luxurious version Free League had on offer.

Richard Carrillo

“Interviewing for Game Design” Revisited

Occasionally, the fault lies not in what is said, but in the lens through which it is considered.

The God of Dung Fire

Stock AI Generator Is Not Just Bad But Wants Your Money Faster Than You Can Count to Five

For AI-generated images, don’t follow that guy with the candy bar into their van.

Hello Playdate!

Unboxing the #Playdate

It’s the only device I own I can play with outside in the sun.

Unity & ironSource

After the C-Suite, Unity’s Business Model Is Showing Its True Colors Too

The bright future of mobile games that Unity is banking on.

The God of Blazing Dung Fires

The God of Blazing Dung Fires: Monetizing Undesirable Player Behavior

Blizzard sounding out how much more profit you can make from blazing dung fires than from enjoyable playing experiences.

GTBike V

Get Ready for a Bicycle Tour of Los Santos

If there were a standard protocol for this that works with any game, I’d buy a smart home trainer this instant.

Twilight: 2000

Twilight: 2000 by Free League—The Post-WWIII Apocalypse Never Looked so Good

Will I ever play this marvelous game again, as a player or perhaps even gamemaster? I don’t know! But that’s not the point.

The Last of Us

Agency, Autonomy, and Power in The Last of Us

Like most action-adventures, TLoU doesn’t excel in player agency. But there’s a problem.

Let me just pick up this daisy

The (In)Famous Encumbrance Modifier

What’s really wrong with encumbrance rules isn’t how badly they’re implemented.

“Voted ‘Best English Village Simulation App’ 2015”

Another Tom Gauld cartoon that cracks me up.

Mediadesign Hochschule

Game Design, Digitalisierung, Gamifizierung: Unser Digitalk-Vortrag bei der Digitalen Stadt Düsseldorf in der MD.H

Spielmechanismen für die Digitalisierung von Gesellschaft und Geschäftsmodellen und persönlichen Lebenswelten von Gesundheit bis Arbeitsmotivation

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

What’s Wrong with NPCs?—One of Numerous Questions Austin Walker Nails Perfectly

In most video games most of the time, non-player characters are the meat in the player character’s power fantasy sandwich.

Aliens: Colonial Marines — Let’s Sue This Whole Mess from Orbit, It’s the Only Way to Be Sure

Ha! hold my Brain; be still my beating Heart.

Can Somebody Draw a Videogame Metaphor Cartoon Just Like This One, Only With Cats?

Just kiddin’. Another great cartoon about gaming, a few months old already, that’s too good to not being reposted on my blog!

Game Companies Are Your Friends! (All of ’em Dudes, of course, and One Adorable Kitty)

Just too good to not repost this on my blog.

Pakistan Flood Relief Fundraiser

Pen-&-Paper RPG Creators & Gamers Raise $62K for Pakistan Flood Relief

What amazes me most is that there’s still so many pen-and-paper RPG gamers around.