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brand meets world

Search Engine Optimization—as value-driven as it’s always been.

Finely tuned to the general content of this site, so I guess it must be legit:


I’d like to submit the unique article in german for publication on your site, Betweendrafts.com. It is in Microsoft Word format with good length. It is about “Photo Studio Accessories”. Please advise me of any other file format preferences for submission.

I hope you and your readers find it to be interesting. If you are interested to publish my article on your site, please let me know. You may contact me directly using this mail: jamie@linkbuilding-seo.net

Thanks and Regards
Jamie Darby

At least, it’s polite, compared to this one. Also, the website this originates from certainly has its moments of unexpected poetic flourish:

are too important
to carry
too much weight

search engines
to allow them
to languish

I have no idea what that means, man, but please pass the bong.


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