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Quick, Catch a Glimpse of the New World Order!

Warsaw Riots

Warsaw Riots

We should be flooded with a raging torrent of stories about this, on every channel.

(h/t Rainer Wasserfuhr)

If the combination of ready-made and/or garage-built remote-controlled drones and social networks isn’t disruptive technology, I don’t know what is:

RoboKopter Zamieszki I

Also, reality has become more and more cinematic ever since Matrix moves became part of the real world through Parkour. Here’s another, shorter movie from the Warsaw riots, breathtaking, and very cinematic:

RoboKopter Policja bieg

As Jason Kottke puts it:

In the future, the news will look more and more like movies.

I’d say reality has already become a science fiction movie, and what we all still think of as the present is in reality the past.


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