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the one and twenty

“Meanwhile, in Space”

Unloading supplies onto the International Space Station.

the one and twenty

“Insure copyright. All other considerations secondary. Culture expendable.” — How It Wasn’t Bots That Killed the Hugo Awards

Imagine our culture as the Nostromo.

the one and twenty

Corning: Made of Ass

Oh, and I heard that some $21 trillion dollars have been misplaced.

the one and twenty

Uploading Your Brain “The Winter Market”-Style? Not soonish!

PZ Myers is the wet towel in our echo chambers of grandiose ideas.

the one and twenty

From Prosthetic Memory to Cities to #OWS to Time Machines: Terrific TV Interview with William Gibson

“The only real time machine is just getting older. It’s very slow, but eventually—it eventually gets you to the 21st century. Or the 22nd.”

Warsaw Riots

Quick, Catch a Glimpse of the New World Order!

I’d say reality has already become a science fiction movie, and what we all still think of as the present is in reality the past.

the one and twenty

More Days of Glass: Why “Future Vision” Concepts Like These Are Useless at Best (and Misleading at Worst)

Microsoft and RIM: more future visions for the digital-age Eloi. Is it so hard to sketch a world where innovative technologies work for real people?

the one and twenty

Jeff Jarvis vs. Evgeny Morozov: Public Parts vs. Publicisaurus Rex

Not afraid of Freud, Morozov deploys the term ”intellectual” a record 23 times like a cohort of thugs.

the one and twenty

What Is a Computer?

Singularity, here we come.

the one and twenty

R.I.P. Steve Jobs, R.I.P Ralph Steinman: Two Great Men and Victims of Pancreatic Cancer

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 | Ralph Steinman, 1943 – 2011

the one and twenty

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Growth

Economic growth is not the only story in town about growth, but the one most often told. Plus, depleting our resources is an effect, not the cause of our woes.

the one and twenty

A Day Made of Glass: Say Hello to the Eloi!

Waiter, can I have my future a bit rougher, and a little more gritty? I mean, like, the way it looks outside?

And so do you.

The Economic Narrative and the Fiction of Fairness

The notion that somebody is “gaming the system” is a paranoid but convenient fiction that keeps us from realizing how broken everything really is.

the one and twenty

Ghostwriters Evolved

If we can’t fix our educational system soon, we will take the path of the ancient Mycenaeans, marveling at technological artifacts we can no longer create, or use.

the one and twenty

Machine World: Subaru

Memes, temes, and the rise of the machine in purely virtual habitats.

What’s the Price of Everything?

The Price of Everything: Book Trailer Storytelling Evolved

One of the best book trailers I’ve ever seen.

the one and twenty

How “Hubris Kills” and “The Speed-Up Speeds Up”: Syd Mead on Blade Runner, Transportation, and Biotechnology

Visual futurist Syd Mead reflecting upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future.

The World After Advertising

#TWAA10 Congress: The World After Advertising

The first “The World After Advertising” Congress at the Düsseldorfer Rheinterrasse did exceptionally well on all fronts.

the one and twenty

The Life That You Love Is the Life That You Fear

Take the Social Web, RFID, and a brand people can identify with, and combine everything into a world that’s every bit as exciting as it is frightening in its prospects.


#Next10 Conference—Three Leaps Into Social Media: Stowe Boyd

On Stowe Boyd’s presentation “Social Media Blur: Blogs, Networks, Streams” at the Next10 Conference in Berlin, May 11–12, 2010.