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It Was a Bright Cold Day in December, and the Clocks Were Striking Thirteen. #JMStV

the one and twenty

the one and twenty

That quote? Look here.

When I was riding home today on the of all public transport systems on the planet, it occurred to me that I was reading a terrific write-up by one the world’s leading science writers on the enfolding events surrounding a life form discovered by NASA that, if nudged a little, can thrive on toxic chemicals, while ambient social media messages from my friends around the globe streamed in the background, all on my super smartphone which is about a year old, in other words, the stuff of yesteryear.

And politicians’ major concern in this country where I happen to live and work revolves around the enterprise to prevent minors from local web encounters with representations of mating primates, within the grander scheme of an internet that’s teeming with same such a-plenty—provided you’re intellectually capable of setting Google’s default language to English.

So, Germany—are you fucking kidding me?


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