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Xenotransplantation: Check.

the one and twenty

the one and twenty

Pigs, again.

The Independent sez: Pig-to-Human Tissue Transplants “Imminent”

Pig Organs

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From the article (I’m leaving out a bunch of caveats):

Human trials could begin within two to three years of tissue taken from specially bred pigs to help the millions of sufferers from diabetes, brain diseases and blindness. […] Problems remain, including loss of transplanted cells, blood clots and other rejection problems. New, genetically modified pigs will shortly become available which could overcome these issues and make human trials of transplanted tissue “imminent.”

This is great news, but for reasons I’ve laid out here, here or here, I’d rather wish we would try and vet-grow these tissue and organs instead of cannibalizing pigs forever.


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