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the one and twenty

Medic! (Also, Call in the United Bunnies Colonial Marines)

Happy Fertility Rites! Happy Spring Bunny Month! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

the one and twenty

By 2179, Humans Still Haven’t Encountered a Species They Can’t Turn Into Coats, Shoes, or Handbags

From Alexander McQueen’s fashion collection “Plato’s Atlantis.”

Carved Landscapes I

Book-Cut Storytelling: Carved Landscapes

“Piles of obsolete encyclopedias return to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply IS.”

the one and twenty

Xenotransplantation: Check.

“Human trials could begin within two to three years of tissue taken from specially bred pigs to help the millions of sufferers from diabetes, brain diseases and blindness.”

the one and twenty

The Latest in “Loose Lips Sink Ships”—Now With More Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare!

What would be more appropriate in the one-and-twenty than to microwave some war propaganda leftovers and feed our fears over social networks!

Yamashta Kaori

Idoru, More Alive Than Ever

About Cyberpunk avatars, William Gibson, & Japanese Idoru who are more alive than ever.

Anagram: Octopus

Book-Cut Storytelling: Three Stills and a Lemon

Three well executed book-cuts from the Czech Republic plus a German letter-cut with a pedestrian copy like you wouldn’t believe.

the one and twenty

Blazing Away: Mr. Potato Head Evolved!

What if Mr. Potato Head lived in alternative universes? See Steampunk Mr. Potato Head and Warhammer 40K Mr. Potato Head blaze away!

collateral tales

The Best Tales to Tell, the Best Stories to Write

The dogged meme that “life” writes the best stories, and the best tales are told from “experience,” originates in a confusion of what tales or stories are.

Alice: Throught he Looking Glass by Su Blackwell

Textual Landscapes: Book-Cut Storytelling Evolved

Mashing-up paper, text, moving images, and the voice of the narrator, a commercial featuring Maurice Gee takes book-cut storytelling to a whole different level.

the one and twenty

Mashup Culture: The Amazing Aliens Rap

Both Robocop and T2:Judgment Day are terrific movies I’ve watched a kazillion times. But Aliens, for me that’s in a whole different ballpark.

Steve Schofield: Land of the Free


Steve Schofield’s photo series “Land of the Free” about American popular fandom culture in the UK: fanboys and fangirls pictured in their natural environment.

the one and twenty

Emoticon-Storytelling—No, really!

There’s no medium in which it would be impossible to tell a story, but sometimes it might be just too difficult. Or could emoticons become a native language?

the one and twenty

The Latest Internet Meme: “Literal Music Videos”

Make your own voice track to to narrate the visual story in music clips instead of the original lyrics.