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Mashup Culture: The Amazing Aliens Rap

the one and twenty

the one and twenty

What do you get if you cross one of my favorite movies of all times with one of my favorite music genres?

You get this:

Amazing Aliens Rap

Kudos to DJ Mayhem & Mouthmaster Murf from The Anomalies. They did some really good mashup stuff before that, by the way: check out their Amazing Robocop Rap and Amazing Terminator 2 Rap.

Both Verhoeven’s Robocop and Cameron’s T2: Judgment Day are terrific movies I’ve watched a kazillion times. But Aliens, you know, together with Scott’s Alien… for me that’s in a whole different ballpark.

Update 02/05/10:
Heck, until now I’ve completely missed the Amazing Predator Rap!


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