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Carved Landscapes I

Book-Cut Storytelling: Carved Landscapes

“Piles of obsolete encyclopedias return to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply IS.”

the one and twenty

Xenotransplantation: Check.

“Human trials could begin within two to three years of tissue taken from specially bred pigs to help the millions of sufferers from diabetes, brain diseases and blindness.”

Anagram: Octopus

Book-Cut Storytelling: Three Stills and a Lemon

Three well executed book-cuts from the Czech Republic plus a German letter-cut with a pedestrian copy like you wouldn’t believe.

Alice: Throught he Looking Glass by Su Blackwell

Textual Landscapes: Book-Cut Storytelling Evolved

Mashing-up paper, text, moving images, and the voice of the narrator, a commercial featuring Maurice Gee takes book-cut storytelling to a whole different level.

the one and twenty

Mashup Culture: The Amazing Aliens Rap

Both Robocop and T2:Judgment Day are terrific movies I’ve watched a kazillion times. But Aliens, for me that’s in a whole different ballpark.

the one and twenty

Emoticon-Storytelling—No, really!

There’s no medium in which it would be impossible to tell a story, but sometimes it might be just too difficult. Or could emoticons become a native language?

the one and twenty

The Latest Internet Meme: “Literal Music Videos”

Make your own voice track to to narrate the visual story in music clips instead of the original lyrics.