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Shōnan Jinja

Singapore Adventure: Shōnan Jinja

Yes, we crawled through a tropical jungle and back for a destroyed World War II shrine.

IBM Model M Case

Keyboard Cleaning

I can’t wait to not do this again for many years.

plush bunnyisms

Like, Every Day

Some personal thoughts on writing and publishing routines, and what to do with them when things begin to crumble.

2020 in One Picture

2020, We Barely Knew You

My diary from New Year’s Eve, 2020. A very private party for two, thanks to the pandemic.

Food Delivery, Lunch, Day Five

Election Day (Day Five)

A toast to a better America, a toast to a better world!

The Ancient City

Pingyao Gallery (2016)

Pingyao, 2016

Once Upon a Time in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Gallery (March 2017)

Vacation March 2017 in Copenhagen

Formentera Gallery (Sep/Oct 2016)

Vacation September/October 2016 on Formentera

Where Were You When the Berlin Wall Fell?

The closest photo I’ve got to when the wall fell, either summer 1989 or summer 1990, I’m not sure, from Alcudia, Majorca.

Mission Redecoration: Accomplished. Also, gamescom!

Farewell J Macchiato! Welcome J Old Time Pastels!

plush bunnyisms

It’s Hard to Miss: I’m in the Process of Redecorating This Blog!

Another Update (08/05/14): Almost there! What’s left now is going through hundreds of posts, find what’s broken, and throw fresh styles and shiny new plug-ins at it.

Shelves and Shelves

Buchschluß: Case Closed!


Why Things Have Been Rather Slow Around Here, Lately

Short version: both my blog and blogging in general are in need of a substantial makeover.

Going, Going, Gone—Back Online July 31

All bunnies need a vacation. Back online July 31.

Photo by Capgros www.sxc.hu/photo/774431

Thank You, Microsoft, for Taking a Dump in My Living Room Every Time I Have to Use Your Crummy Software

Even worse than Adobe.

Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (28)

Cutest Moon Bunnies Ever. (With the exception of the Hokkaido restaurant’s guest check tray in Hamburg.)

Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (27)

Tortoises and Hares.

Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (26)

Gute Bunny-News (Pinterest), traurige Bunny-News (Thistle). Alle kleinen Stoffhäschen drücken die Pfötchen.

Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (25), Holiday Edition

Festgrüße von allen kleinen und ganz kleinen Stoffhäschen!

Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (24)

“Baby naps peacefully atop enormous plush Totoro”