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Mission Redecoration: Accomplished. Also, gamescom!



Farewell J Macchiato! Welcome J Old Time Pastels!

Some mop-up operations pending, including missing featured images, default pics for commenters, and such—but I think I’ve managed now to adapt and update most of my post styles and pages styles for the new theme. [Update 2014/09/07: All done! Now, back to business!] But you won’t get lost, I’m sure! It’s still magazine-ish, categories and such have stayed the same, and it’s still me, for better or worse. Also, there’s going to be attached a “Secret Level” soon (that’s where the mysterious Just Drafts menu item will lead), and this secret level will be one part news ticker with commentary and one part real-time research about game-based learning and game-based education, game design, and game-related media ethics.

Speaking of which: Sunday I’ll be at the gamescom and will be thrilled to share the stage with Tim Bruysten at Speaker’s Corner for a presentation!

More about that soon. Oh wait—here’s more already! Enjoy!


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