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The “Actually, It’s About Ethics in Journalism!” Game

Ethics in Gaming Journalism

Ethics in Gaming Journalism

This post originally appeared at my secret level just drafts.

I transferred it to this place because my secret level now focuses more strictly on game-based learning, education, and LLM/GPT/AI.

The game “Actually, It’s About Ethics in Journalism!” pitches the player against hordes of badly coded Turing bots set up to propagate a fictitious media conspiracy.

The challenge is how long the player can either argue against, or ignore, an unrelenting onslaught of non-sequiturs and escalating threats and invective before her brain melts or she is driven from home.

This game has been released on , and you can play it for free!

It’s still in beta so here’s your invite: sign up with the key phrase #GamerGate and you’re good to go. Please note: especially if you are a woman, you might not be able to sign out again. Ever.



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