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After a Four-Year Hiatus, My Fifth Nanonovel



For much longer than expected, I couldn’t afford to allocate time and resources to creative writing—long form, short form, nano form, no matter. As this is about to change, or has changed already, projects have been reopened and progress has been made. ¡Con algo hay que empezar!

Published on Twitter. Enjoy!

(Newcomers: this is a tongue-in-cheek project, nanonovels, blurbs, author’s notes, and all.)

More than four years after Ouroboros, Jay Martin’s new nanonovel finally hit the shelves: Zuck. His third thriller, Zuck not only comes across more topical than both Ouroboros or Green Tape, but also more straightforward and much easier to read. And while paranoia features again as a major motife, the perspective has changed: from victims to top-tier perpetrators. Also, Zuck isn’t as far away from the day-to-day life most of us are lucky to be able to enjoy. And while it is certainly not free of violence, it abandons its predecessors’ relentless bloodshed and grittyness as seen through the eyes of individuals, and focuses instead on the structural properties of all-encompassing abuse.
Author’s Note
Most of what happens in Zuck isn’t more complicated or surprising than what you’ve come to expect from your daily news source. To a certain extend, actually, it’s like a remix from what can be read in newspapers, watched on television news, or discussed on blogs right now. (Among which one might find, e.g., a reference to Google Reader’s demise.) Zuck can be read either as a kind of “alternative universe” thriller or as an allegory on what’s happening right before our eyes. Less bloody, all in all, but more sinister on an ever larger scale. So be on the look-out: not being paranoid these days only makes you more vulnerable.

Published Nanonovels:
Ouroboros (2009)
Antidroma (2009)
Green Tape (2009)
Fabia Maxima, Consul & General (2008)

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