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R.U.S.E.: Truth Is the First Casualty of Advertising

brand meets world

brand meets world

Über «Lorem ipsum» und Blindtexte als solches schrieb ich bereits hier und hier.

Wie viele andere Agenturen haben auch Ubisofts Werber einen hochentwickelten Sinn fürs Detail:



Auch die Kommentare dazu auf Reddit sind ausgesprochen unterhaltsam:

“Why not? I love MAGAZINE. They don’t have the most insightful reviews, but they do get them out quicker than anyone else.”

“I always read MAGAZINE while eating a slice of FOOD with a tall glass of LIQUID. They have some of the ADJECTIVE articles on the subject of SUBJECT.”

“Did you read MAGAZINE’s review of GAME?”

“I bet it’s intentional. After all, Truth is the first casualty of war, so what does it matter what they put on there? You can’t believe it anyway.”

“Yes, wonderfully meta and intertextual of them.”

“lorem oopsum”

“Lorem? Damn near killed ’em!”

“I thought it was a bold statement about the press during war-time, I even chuckled to myself. Silly me.”

Und den Kommentar von “olsonick” finde ich auch sehr schön:

Our proofing structure:

1) Production Manager checks art on-screen in prepress

2) Prepress PDFs art with bleeds and ticks to PM

3) Prepress PDFs art without bleeds and ticks to Sales

4) Sales forwards PDF to Client

5) Prepress inkjets proof to PM

6) PM inkjets proof to Sales

7) Sales inkjets proof to Client

8) Prepress bluelines proof to PM

9) PM bluelines proof to Sales

10) Sales bluelines proof to Client

11) Press check with PM, Sales, and Client

12) ???

13) Re-print entire run and lose thousands of dollars

(I should have mentioned there is documented approval between each step.)



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