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Wolfshäute. Ein Gedicht im Geiste von Wilhelm Busch.

Hit the road, Jack.

Hit the road, Jack.

Yes, I mean you, Jack Wolfskin.


Der Wand’rer lernt auf seinen Reisen,
Daß — und dies auf viele Weisen —
Ein Schafspelz, der doch harmlos wirkt,
Gar oftmals einen Wolf verbirgt.
Daheim der Wand’rer dann entdeckt,
Daß auch in manchem Wolf — ein Schafskopf steckt.


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2 Responses

  1. If I understand correctly, you are referring to the wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Yes, it is one of the most important lessons a wanderer learns in his journey through life. We cannot trust everyone who looks trustworthy. Some have malicious intentions in their hearts. We must always be sharp and on guard in detecting their kind because these people are merciless. They don’t have a consicence. They are numb from feeling guilt whatsoever and have evil in their hearts. That’s a wolf in a sheep”s clothing.Do not be fooled.


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