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Silent Hill

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Running By Night)

There must be a reason why I keep doing such things.

Is There Life Beyond Time Management?

It’s either the universe, or I’m too organized.

Some Old Spoof: “Three True But Pointless Arguments of Pea Counting Supporters”

Some form principles, it turns out, are surprisingly robust and can sustain even the most nonsensical content.

collateral tales

campus lost

Ein historisches Dokument, gewissermaßen. Denn im Gegensatz zu Scheinen lassen sich Leistungspunkte nicht in humanistischem Tonfall parodieren.


I barely remember this poem of yore I happened to come across the other day. It creaks & grates, and I have only the most vague idea about what it was supposed to be about.

Home in the Universe

Home in Our World

I always loved “Home on the Range.” Here’s a variation on this song, situated in a 21st century where humanity is still kept, or keeps itself, from being free.

Wolfshäute. Ein Gedicht im Geiste von Wilhelm Busch.

Ein Gedicht über Wölfe im Schafspelz und Schafsköpfe im Wolfspelz nach Abmahnungsmotiven von Jack “Hit the Road” Wolfskin im Geiste von Wilhelm Busch.