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Revealing Photograph (click to embiggen)

Wait, Did I Really Wear a Watch in My Teens? (Revealing Photo Unearthed)

There were many reasons to wear a watch, and it was never really about Time. With smart watches, or Apple Watch, that might change.

the one and twenty

Can Somebody Draw a Videogame Metaphor Cartoon Just Like This One, Only With Cats?

Just kiddin’. Another great cartoon about gaming, a few months old already, that’s too good to not being reposted on my blog!

the one and twenty

“You talkin’ to me?”: Dial-Up Sound, Visualized


Côte Basque: Route de la Corniche by J. Martin

The Inception Tool: “Planting the Idea Into the Memory of the Machine That Every Password is Correct”

Most late postmodernity-flavored exploitation tool ever.

the one and twenty

Inside the iPhone 5: How Apple Lost Its Magic

More than just an embarrassing misstep, this disastrous move shows that finally Apple has lost its magic.

the one and twenty

Digitale Darmentwicklung

Cute little Japanese ad for a camera from Takara Tomi which, well, can produce its printed photographs itself.

Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Would the Real Mock-Up Please Stand Up!

Just after I wrote about the Houston Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, boston.com’s Big Picture series put a brand new photograph online.