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Would the Real Mock-Up Please Stand Up!

Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Just after I wrote about the Houston Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, boston.com’s Big Picture series put a brand new photograph online.

Just recently, I wrote an entry about putting marketing communication to the test before blowing a fortune on an ill-conceived product launch. I proposed a kind of HiFi-LoFi-Mockup based on the principles of the Houston Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and, lo and behold!, there’s an up-to-date picture of the Lab today as a part of Boston.com’s Big Picture photo series Preparing to Rescue Hubble.

By the way, I strongly recommend subscribing to boston.com’s The Big Picture: News Stories in Photographs RSS newsfeed. My recent favorites are The Sky, From Above, Recent Volcanic Activity, Large Hadron Collider Nearly Ready, and London From Above at Night. But there are many more, and they’re regularly made of awesome.

Go to the Big Picture Home Page where you will find dropdown menus on the upper right corner to select entries by month or category. Enjoy!


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