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“You talkin’ to me?”: Dial-Up Sound, Visualized

the one and twenty

the one and twenty


I can’t believe it’s less than seven years ago that I had to memorize modem protocols, RS-232 pin functions, and diagnostic sounds during my computer/support tech certification! Looking back now, it feels as if that had happened in some kind of weird, alternative universe.

Now, in case you wonder what I’m talking about, Oona Räisänen over at absorptions took the sound recording from Wikimedia Commons and soundclouded it:

But wait! That’s not all! Oona Räisänen also put together a fantastic spectogram with accompanying labels:

Dial-Up Visualization

Handshake Illustrated

(huge original here)

Finally, go read her blogpost—you won’t get clearer explanations any time soon.

And while we’re taking a trip down memory lane: don’t forget to visit and enjoy the Museum of Endangered Sounds!


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