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How Many True Female Characters Are There in Games?

A few, but certainly not many. (But it’s not like we’re overrun with great male characters either.)

What’s the Price of Everything?

The Price of Everything: Book Trailer Storytelling Evolved

One of the best book trailers I’ve ever seen.

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Some Old Spoof: “Three True But Pointless Arguments of Pea Counting Supporters”

Some form principles, it turns out, are surprisingly robust and can sustain even the most nonsensical content.

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campus lost

Ein historisches Dokument, gewissermaßen. Denn im Gegensatz zu Scheinen lassen sich Leistungspunkte nicht in humanistischem Tonfall parodieren.

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“The gleaming synthetic permapolish leather holster held a proton blaster. Bat Durston pulled out the deadly weapon and thumbed the power pack release.”


Antagonist and Impact Character in Inception

There seems to be some confusion about who the Antagonist might be in Inception but frankly, I can’t see any problems here. Everything has its place, and cleverly so.

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Narrativity and Diachronic vs. Episodic Self-Experience: Observing the Self

Is that a Cartesian Theater which I see before me? What Strawson’s self-observation lacks in methodology, it makes up for with psychological entitlement.


Inception Dream Architecture: Infographic Contest Winner

I started to try and sketch Inception’s dramatic structure (in words, not in pictures), and this greatly helps: Co.Design’s Inception Infographic Contest!

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I barely remember this poem of yore I happened to come across the other day. It creaks & grates, and I have only the most vague idea about what it was supposed to be about.

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Narrativity and Diachronic vs. Episodic Self-Experience: Reading Literature

If that’s all the witnesses and the testimony you can muster in your favor, you might as well try and get to Mexico while you still have time.

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New Particle Physics Framework Teaser That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop (And Haz Bunnies)

It’s called “Lagoa Multiphysics,” developed by Thiago Costa. But will it blend, in terms of storytelling, if games become ever more realistic?

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Narrativity and Diachronic vs. Episodic Self-Experience: Checking the Evidence

You’d think when Strawson takes on the psychological Narrativity thesis and lets loose with both barrels, he’d load his gun with something substantial.

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Narrativity and Diachronic vs. Episodic Self-Experience: Setting the Scene

According to Strawson, life is experienced in a “diachronic” or “episodic” kind of way: the former is compatible with psychological narrativity, the latter not.

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Dramatic Conflict and the Future of Science Fiction

Dramatic conflict in science fiction connects to advanced aspects of a future society. With our accelerating technological progress, this is becoming difficult.

Home in the Universe

Home in Our World

I always loved “Home on the Range.” Here’s a variation on this song, situated in a 21st century where humanity is still kept, or keeps itself, from being free.

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Travesty, Parody, and Advertising with a Purpose: #Prop8

Travesty is a powerful form of storytelling not despite, but because we know what’s going to happen. We’re already on the lookout for what’s different.

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Turns and Flashbacks, Junctions as Junctures

Flashbacks are a powerful storytelling device, especially when used for missed turns and missed junctions-as-junctures.

Beyond the Still Pt.II: Job Security

Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part IV)

The collaborate “Beyond the Still” contest has its second chapter. But not everything about this contest is conducive to collaboration.

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Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part III)

What are the circumstances under which true collaborative writing either improves or diminishes the quality of the finished product?

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Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part II)

Could collaborative storytelling create works of great art? Before we can answer that, we have to dismantle some cherished notions about author-creators.