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How Many True Female Characters Are There in Games?

collateral tales

collateral tales

A few, but certainly not many. (But it’s not like we’re overrun with great male characters either.)

Excellent take on female characters in games by :

True Female Characters by Extracredits

Not much I could add, but if you design characters or write stories, keep these three things in mind (for starters):

  1. Your true female or male character can only be “true” as a function of story and context, depending on the social environment you create.
  2. Your true female or male character can only be “true” if you know how to design characters in general and know something about the human condition.
  3. If a female or male cardboard character works great then your story is very probably a broken cart loaded with batbarf that got stuck in manure.

But it’s not only a problem of storytelling, mind. Far too many development studios and production companies in the gaming industry are still thick with that sharp Boys Club Locker Room SmellTM that males traditionally mistake for an irresistible perfume.


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