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When You Step on Their Privileges, Men Are Such Delicate Flowers

Chauvinist fun for the whole family.

How Many True Female Characters Are There in Games?

A few, but certainly not many. (But it’s not like we’re overrun with great male characters either.)


Antagonist and Impact Character in Inception

There seems to be some confusion about who the Antagonist might be in Inception but frankly, I can’t see any problems here. Everything has its place, and cleverly so.

Good Grief

We’ve become so used to Kübler-Ross’s “Five Psychological States of Grief” that we never stop and ask if it might be more complex, in reality and writing.


If characters are overstuffed with mannerisms, they’re gaining in quirks while losing in depth. Quirks and idiosyncrasies, moreover, should have a function.

Look Into My I

Aspiring writers often adopt tje first-person perspective for their narrative voice because it looks more simple & natural than the alternatives. They’re wrong.