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Book-Cut Storytelling: Three Stills and a Lemon

Anagram: Octopus

Anagram: Octopus

I wrote about book-cut storytelling before: sculpting Textual Landscapes and our Environment from book pages.

Here are some more examples, not animated this time, but three well executed stills. They’re from Kaspen/Jung v. Matt in Bratislava for the anagram bookstore in Prague. [Note: Which, sadly, folded only a few months later in November 2010.]

The print series comes with the headline “Words Creates Worlds” (click to embiggen):

Anagram: Octopus

Anagram: Bandits

Anagram: Knights

A somewhat different approach I found from Saint Elmo’s, Munich, for Audible audiobooks & audiomagazines (an Amazon subsidiary since 2008). It animates the letters rather than the pages, and the headline is »Lebendige Worte«, or “Living Words”:

Audible.de—Lebendige Worte

The form’s nicely executed, but the content’s a lemon. If you don’t understand German, rejoice: the spot’s bland, uninspired, and utterly generic copy is as dull as dishwater and about as far from being well-crafted as Fox News is from being a respectable news source.


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