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Inception Dream Architecture: Infographic Contest Winner



Much has been said how Inception combines different genres, i.e., science fiction, heist, and action (or thriller). It’s certainly also classic cyberpunk which has begun to enjoy its lately.

I’ve watched the movie twice so far, and it went straight from love at first sight to serious engagement. I started to try and sketch the dramatic structure (in words, not in pictures), for which I’m going to need a little more time. But this greatly helps: Co.Design’s Inception Infographic Contest (h/t Tim)!

The most amazing piece, of course, is the winner: Inception: The Architecture by Rick Slusher (click to embiggen):

Inception: The Architecture by Rick Slusher

The contest started off strong with Dehahs’s “Inception: Timeline,” also an amazing piece of work, which makes use of the Escheresque never-ending staircase, or “paradoxon”:

Inception: Timeline by Dehahs

And there’s also miscellaneous runner-ups, some of them extremely complex, which you have to check out for yourself.

Christopher Nolan’s screenplay is fiendishly clever; I already, and how clever it is became even more clear after watching the movie a second time. Some see and some see where there aren’t any, but I also think I understand why the movie resonate with everybody. Nevertheless, !! :-)

One of the things that make the screenplay tick like clockwork and proceed like a well-oiled machine, I think, is that the story is structured like the rules of a game. But not a regular game, and not a fixed set of rules, but like a role-playing game and different sets of rules that get progressively complex depending on the difficulty level, escalating in perfect tune with the plot points in the script.

But I’ll keep the details for another post.

(Oh, and wouldn’t Inception make for a fantastic pen-&-paper role-playing game?)


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