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My RSS Feed Might Work Again But I’m Not Sure

brave new texts

brave new texts

My RSS feed’s been broken since, essentially, March 2019.

Somewhere around March 2019, my RSS feed had stopped working, but I’ve gotten around to looking into it just now. Everything was, and probably is, a mess, even though I went by the book. Residues from Super Cache were involved, although I stopped using Super Cache ages ago. My test post checks went nowhere, everything was just all over the place; turned out I had a browser cache problem on top of it.

Now my feed looks up-to-date at rssatom.de and in NetNewsWire, but in Feedly it’s still stuck in 2019.

I hope this post turns up at rssatom and NetNewsWire, that would be a huge step forward.

And there went my Saturday.


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