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Web & E-Book Release: Ludotronics



Ludotronics: A Comprehensive Game Design Methodology From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals

March, 2019. 576 pages, 100+ illustrations.

Here’s what it is:

  • Ludotronics is a conceptually complete paradigm and, building on that core, a comprehensive design methodology for intermediate and advanced game designers.
  • Ludotronics is about concept development, that path from coming up with a raw idea for a game to greenlighting a refined version of that idea for preproduction and later development.
  • Ludotronics is a methodology that will help you whip ideas into shape until they are strong and sturdy enough to qualify for a killer proposal and become the beating heart of your game design document.

You can access a complete (and completely free!) version of Ludotronics at ludotronics.net!

AND you can buy the high-quality e-book version at DriveThruRPG.

At ludotronics.net, you will find a brief comment on top of each page why I decided on publishing with DriveThuRPG and not with Amazon—particularly because of the latter’s Kindle format and royalty options. I settled with DriveThruRPG because I love this site, all the pen & paper publishers are there, and the royalty options are about what you’d expect at this point in time.

Also, I’m in the process of developing a brand-new sf-horror IP that I hope will, in a few years’ time, be ready to be released on DriveThruRPG too!



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