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Some Good News, Some Bad News from the Nano Front



Okay, bad news first: my series I submitted to Green Tentacle doesn’t suit their needs. wrote, “What I’m really looking for is a series that takes place over the course of a month.” I’m not entirely sure what he means by that, but we will find out soon I guess. If you aren’t following yet, do so now and get your daily dose of nanofantasy & nanoscifi!

Anyways, I won’t publish my series on (a twilot & 13 twepisodes) because that’s not the right thing to do. It’s always a bad idea to start self-publishing rejected texts that were intended for submission—it’s not a professional thing to do, and it isn’t psychologically healthy either. Also, it’s the “nanonovelist,” not the “nanoserialist.” (Granted, I did reserve that either—but the whys and hows I’ll come back to in a later post.)

Alright, so what’s the good news? I sort of finished my little murder mystery which, I don’t know how this always happens, again turned out to be a bit more bloodier than I would have expected. I still have to write the blurb and an author’s note, but my next nanonovel is on its way and should be online by Wednesday, at the latest.


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