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On With the Nanonovels!



Now, finally, I’ve finished my series and actually submitted it to , where the submission queue kindly re-opened some days ago.

Although I worked my behind off on this series (twilot and 13 twepisodes), success is by no means guaranteed. @thaumatrope had terrific contributors from the get-go, and with increasing popularity, I expect the competition to be stronger than ever.

However, high time, really, I wrote another nanonovel!

A basic idea came up which I hope to be able to convert into a rough sketch over Pesach, or Easter. It’s a murder mystery, but a kind of postmodern murder mystery. If you happen to have read Robert Coover’s Gerald’s Party, you might remember Inspector Pardew’s curious case? About the “famous historian in the field of prehistory” who had been found, hand and feet bound, and strangled to death with an ancient Iberian garotte—but which, for a robbery, “had seemed too simple, too self-referential, if you take my meaning?”1 Well, something like that :-)

Also, חג שמח everybody! I’m getting to work now, with my scratchpad, another cup of coffee, and my immensely helpful little plush bunnies, on my balcony out in the sun.

1 Coover, Robert. Gerald’s Party. New York: Grove, 1997. 200. 

If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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