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The History of the U.S. Presidential Tickets 2008 in Four Clever Pictures (With Slideshow)

Presidential Election 2008

Presidential Election 2008

Early this week I mentioned the typography variation on the “Election Trains” theme. Since then I’ve sifted through the whole of this monstrous, gigantic Fark thread.

I find it amazing how juxtaposing thematically related pictures can generate so many full-fledged stories. I wish I’d succeed more often in producing equally vivid and robust stories with a number of well-chosen words or sentences!

So this is what happened. After bkitu42 published “Election Trains,” his brilliant take on the 2008 presidential tickets, alywa put up a template on Fark and asked people to come up with their own ideas (and vote on everybody else’s). Which, literally, hundreds did. I took the liberty and selected those that I personally found to be the most funny & fitting specimens, and lumped them together in the gallery below.

I regret that I couldn’t find even one conservative take on the subject with a good and hard-hitting punch line; some people at Fark literally begged GOP-leaning folks to contribute, and some did, but what came up wasn’t exactly top-notch. If you think you created a good “pro-GOP” one, or know of one that was posted elsewhere, drop me a line and I’ll include it in the sample.

Now, enjoy the gallery. Click to embiggen!

As for copyright and stuff, I included the respective contributors’ names. (Originally, I also provided the original URLs to the images and contributors’ profiles, but after a long, hard struggle against broken and shifting links, deleted files, bandwidth caps by external ISPs, and the like, I just gave up. If you contributed one of the pictures and like to be permanently linked to from here, just tell me. You’ll be welcome!) The shorthand titles are mine. I hope I didn’t mess anything up—if I did, feel free to yell at me, and I will rectify the situation.


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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