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Cargo and The Big Word Project

The Big Word Project

The Big Word Project

Note: Sadly, everything described in this blog post has become obsolete. The Big Word Project website is offline, and my YouTube interview has been set to private. But the Wikipedia page about The Big Word Project is still online, so you can read about it there.

Anyways, I will leave this blog post online a historical document.

If you click on the “cargo” button above, you’ll be transported to The Big Word Project Web site where a button just like the one you’ve left behind awaits you, also spelling “cargo,” which in turn transports you to my homepage where you will find a link that leads you, mirabile dictu!, right back to where you started. This round-trip might warrant some kind of explanation.

To begin with, Cargo is the working title for a series of science fiction novels the first of which will almost be in progress soon. That’s why I “redefined” the word cargo at The Big Word Project [RIP] and became a “Wordee,” as Paddy likes to call it—who, by the way, emailed me recently so we could meet up for some pints and stuff during his Big Word Tour [RIP] to the continent. A short video interview might soon be online. But I didn’t want to buy a word and link it forever and ever until the end of the Interwebs to a blogspot domain [Note: all this happened before I built up, and moved with all my blogs, to between drafts on my very own domain], so I “redefined” cargo as my professional home page www.gyokusai.com instead. Makes sense, no?

Cargo, seriously, is indeed in progress. What I’m focusing on right now is a believable historical timeline between now and the futuristic backdrop against which the series will be set, and sounding out possibilities for FTL transport which would at least not glaringly contradict what we know about the universe as of now, so the characters can get around a bit without bumping their heads on physics. Both tasks are taxing, to say the least, and I will keep you posted on both counts.


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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