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collateral tales

Editing Characters

“The Indecisive Novelist’s Characters”: Tom Gauld seems determined to draw brilliant cartoons that perfectly illustrate major topics from each of my categories.

collateral tales

My Doctoral Thesis Template, or: How You Learn to Stop Worrying and Love OpenOffice.org

Two years late but here it is: my OpenOffice.org thesis template, up for grabs under a Creative Commons license.

collateral tales

Textual Transparency, With Birds

After that awful, controversial German Spelling Reform, some of your readers will continuously be aware of your spelling, no matter which rules you choose.

collateral tales

Dashes and Ellipses (American Style)

To consistently differentiate between pauses (ellipses) & interruptions (em dashes) is not only good orthographic behavior, but also increases narrative options.

collateral tales

The Importance of Being One’s Editor

In times when more and more publishers don’t focus on professional editing anymore when it comes to publishing a book, it’s you who should be alarmed.