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Where Our Treasured Writers Go

Good literary criticism, after all, does what every good scientific endeavor does: it builds models and checks how well they stack up against the evidence.

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Editing Characters

“The Indecisive Novelist’s Characters”: Tom Gauld seems determined to draw brilliant cartoons that perfectly illustrate major topics from each of my categories.

collateral tales

My Doctoral Thesis Template, or: How You Learn to Stop Worrying and Love OpenOffice.org

Two years late but here it is: my OpenOffice.org thesis template, up for grabs under a Creative Commons license.

Beyond the Still Pt.II: Job Security

Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part IV)

The collaborate “Beyond the Still” contest has its second chapter. But not everything about this contest is conducive to collaboration.

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Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part III)

What are the circumstances under which true collaborative writing either improves or diminishes the quality of the finished product?

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Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part II)

Could collaborative storytelling create works of great art? Before we can answer that, we have to dismantle some cherished notions about author-creators.

Beyond the Still

Is Collaborative Storytelling a Viable Technique? (Part I)

On whether collaborative storytelling is a viable technique, opinions greatly differ. In a series of blogposts, I will analyze examples and sketch some ideas.

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Weinberg Awakens

Interesting read: Gerald M. Weinberg on what to do if your agent refuses to sell your book.

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Textual Transparency, With Birds

After that awful, controversial German Spelling Reform, some of your readers will continuously be aware of your spelling, no matter which rules you choose.

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The Reasons Why I Let a Good Publishing Opportunity Slip

Seven reasons why I let a good publishing opportunity slip and keep being glad about it.

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Dashes and Ellipses (American Style)

To consistently differentiate between pauses (ellipses) & interruptions (em dashes) is not only good orthographic behavior, but also increases narrative options.

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Synopses and Excerpts

Don’t dread the synopsis and, if need be, how to select an excerpt. Instead, you should love it! Or, if you can’t do that, ask and pay a copy writer.

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The Importance of Being One’s Editor

In times when more and more publishers don’t focus on professional editing anymore when it comes to publishing a book, it’s you who should be alarmed.