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O dulcis amor

O dulcis amor: Female Composers from the Late Renaissance/Early Baroque (La Villanella Basel)

First listen.

W. A. Mozart: Double Concerto; F. Gulda, Chick Corea: Compositions

Double Concerto by W. A. Mozart, Compositions by Gulda and Corea (Chick Corea, Friedrich Gulda; Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Harnoncourt)

Vinyl, freshly acquired.

Supertramp: Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America by Supertramp (1979)

Vinyl, re-acquired.

Mozart Complete Songs

Complete Songs by W. A. Mozart (Ziesak, Odinius; Eisenlohr; Lorch)

First listen.

the one and twenty

Strangle, Obstruct, Sue: The State of Music Today

You Wouldn’t Buy Booze from the Mob—You Shouldn’t Buy Music from RIAA members.

Concerto Grosso No.2/Symphony No.6 by Alfred Schnittke

Concerto grosso No.2 & Symphony No.6 by Alfred Schnittke (Tatiana Grindenko, Alexander Ivashkin; Russian State SO, Valeri Polyansky)

The second Concerto grosso isn’t a comical piece at all. It’s a blade, it deconstructs, it hurts, it makes you bleed, with its swiftness and its lightness.

Lilac Day by Leonid Fedorov

Lilac Day by Leonid Fedorov

Leonid Fedorov’s Lilac Day is an incredible album that reminds me of Neil Young’s sound track for Jarmusch’s Dead Man, Alfred Schnittke, and tunes from Yiddishe folk songs