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This is my fourth paper, certainly not my last, but the last paper I will prepublish before my book comes out. (For those of you who haven’t followed or forgotten all about it, three years ago I committed to writing one academic paper per year during book research.)

Link barrage first.

My initial paper from 2015 on dialogic speech in video games is here. My second paper from 2016 on sensory design for video games is here. My third paper from last year about emotional design for video games is here. Finally, my book website is here. The book will be released later this year (or in early 2019, at the latest). I decided to publish the electronic book with the help of DriveThruRPG. It’s a site I love, conditions are decent, and Amazon is not an option (re: format, royalties).

Now, here’s my fourth paper. It’s on learning design in video games (PDF, direct link): “Learning to Play, Playing to Learn: An Integrated Design Approach 
for Learning Experiences in Video Games.”*

Once again, it’s an electronic preprint, not published in an academic journal at this point in time. Enjoy!

*This paper has now been uploaded to with some minor typo corrections.