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Early this year, I began conducting research into game design methodologies for a book I’m going to write. Its title, or at least part of its title, will be Ludotronics. Trademark’s filed, and the domain is up at Yet, it’s only a placeholder page right now, and will be for a very long time. But when it’s done, the whole book will also be freely available on that website under a Creative Commons license.

Taking my research plan and my other three lives into account, writing this book will take me about three to four years, as an estimate. So if all goes well, that’s a release date in 2018, probably late 2018.

But also …

I committed myself to generating one academic paper per year from the research I’m doing for my book. This is the first paper (PDF, direct link): “A Functional Model for Dialogic Speech in Video Game Design”*. For a number of reasons, I decided that I will pitch these papers to academic journals not before my book research is complete, maybe even after the book release. (I know, nothing’s ever complete in science.) So take these academic papers as what they are, as electronic preprints. Enjoy!

*This paper has now been uploaded to with some minor typo corrections.