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As I wrote last year, I committed myself to generating one academic paper per year from the research I’m doing for my book on game design methodologies, Ludotronics. (The website is up, but there’s nothing much to see. Book release will commence not before 2018, and that’s when the full website will come alive too.)

This is the second academic paper I wrote along my research (PDF, direct link): “Making Sense: Juxtaposing Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic 
Design Elements to Create Meaning, Reinforce Emotions, and 
Strengthen Player Memory Formation and Retrieval.”* It’s a rather long title for a paper, granted. But I did put a lot into it!

Again, as I’m not yet pitching my papers to academic journals, this is an electronic preprint. Enjoy!

*This paper has now been uploaded to with some minor typo corrections.