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Hooray, my third paper! As I wrote here two years ago, I committed myself to writing one paper each year while I’m researching and writing my book on game design methodologies. Which has a full title now: Ludotronics: A Comprehensive Game Design Methodology From First Ideas to Spectacular Pitches and Proposals. An HTML-version of the book will be freely available under a Creative Commons license at after release. Which, if all goes well, will be next year.

With regard to my third paper, this time it’s all about emotions. You’ll find the paper here (PDF, direct link): “Tuning Aristotle: An Applied Model of Emotions for 
Interactive Dramatic Structures.”* Again, it’s an eletronic preprint; it hasn’t been published in an academic journal yet.

(My second paper on sensory design is here.)


*This paper has now been uploaded to with some minor typo corrections.