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The Arab Spring, the Israeli Summer, and the Fall of the Western World

London Riots 2011

London Riots 2011

When I posted this image from the London riots (source: Mirror UK) on Google+, I wrote: “Holy crap. But I’m sure the reasons for this to happen are too much care, too much education, and not enough security cameras.”

Before that, a few days ago on : “After the Arab Spring and the Israeli Summer, I’m looking forward to the German Fall. #SocialJustice #WorkingDemocracy #PublicReason”

On the same day, Chris wrote on Google+ [RIP]: “We had Arab Spring. Now it looks like we might be having Israeli Summer. With any luck maybe we’ll have Fall of the United States after that.”

Chris also wrote: “Most of the issues along the US-Mexico border stem from the fact that on one side of the border you have a failing state with an ineffectual government, a lazy, violent populace that is not only unschooled but revels in its ignorance, and dangerous drug profiteers generally calling the shots. On the other side of the border, of course, is Mexico.”

All of which put this diagram into my mind. I tried to keep it simple.

The World (2011 Ed.)

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