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Strange But Sweet CompTIA A+ Nostalgia


Cramming for my 2006 A+ Exams

Sometimes, it’s the strangest things that bring back fond memories.

Speaking of —now in the process of terminating Upgrading and Repairing PCs, CompTIA A+ In Depth Complete Certification Solution, All-In-One A+ Certification Exam Guide, Course Guide, Video CDs, Exam Simulator, Flashcards, and stuff, all occupying an inordinate and completely unjustified amount of bookshelf real estate…

But wait—why is it so hard to throw all these leftovers from my CompTIA A+ certification exams just, like, away? Where does this impulse to keep that stuff forever come from? For sentimental reasons? Nostalgia? Because I sweated over this shit for months? Or is it the investment, not counting several hundred Euros certification fees?

Then again, maybe I do have fond memories after all. At least I remember my little plush bunnies bravely and patiently helping me along! Yeah, I think that must be it.


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