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On Gay Marriage: Maggie Gallagher Meets St. Peter

creed of reason

creed of reason

It’s two years later, and nothing much has changed.

Blacks, Women, Gays, it doesn’t matter—the roadblocks to civil liberties, freedom, and human rights will always be manned by the same kind of people: people fighting for their rights to remain bigoted and racist, to bypass the Constitution and ram their Bronze Age superstitions into everybody’s bedrooms.

How about alleviating human suffering? You can’t possibly put it better than this:

“Eternity”—With Maggie Gallagher

Don’t be fooled into thinking this was exaggerated; just go to Wikipedia and take a look at Maggie Gallagher’s “social views.” To whet your appetite:

She believes the sole purposes of marriage are procreation and rearing children exclusively by heterosexual parents[,] has compared winning the fight to ban same-sex marriage with the fall of communism, [and] advocates litigation against spouses who commit adultery[.]

And what’s worse, she’s not an outlier. Not by a far cry. The GOP’s been taken over by this exact creed, and losing against these people might come to mean losing really, really big.


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