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Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (10)

plush bunnyisms

plush bunnyisms

Chris Clarke, writer and photographer, writes over at Coyote Crossing [RIP]. Besides tweeting about Bunnehs & Kittehs, he has written a book about Walking With Zeke. Zeke, among other things, did not fetch sticks. Neither here nor in any “veterinary afterlife,” as discussed in his blog post “The Rainbow Bridge Ain’t Nothing But a Hunk of Rock in Utah.”

Here are some of Chris’s tweets, regarding bunnehs:

To open the Marsupial Kitteh click here, to open the Marsupial Bunneh click here.

Full Wikipedia articles here and here.

But there’s also a live bunneh at Coyote Crossing with an interest in scientific research:

“Rabbit’s next to the bookshelf. When a book falls over he jumps. Winner so far is ‘Water’s Edge’ by , w/ a jump of 18 in.”

“Gould’s Structure of Ev. Theory wd certainly win if it ever fell but it doesn’t. It shifts the earth’s orbit to meet it instead.”

In our Plush Bunnies LaboratoriesTM and research facilities in Düsseldorf and Toulouse, rigorous testing of the proposed model commenced immediately under the respective supervision of Dr. Häschen (Düsseldorf) and Prof. Hase (Toulouse).

Dr. Häschen, with assistant, inspecting the test setup (Plush Bunnies Research Facilities, Düsseldorf)

click to embiggen

While the numbers on orbital shift look promising, the reported jump rates haven’t been confirmed so far.

Und wer nicht genug bekommen kann: Nicht Plüsch, aber Flausch, gibt es Sonntags regelmäßig bei Stefan Niggemeier.


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