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Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (3)

plush bunnyisms

plush bunnyisms

As of last week, my little plush bunnies have a new friend on Twitter.

Meet from Antarctica:

I am a plush penguin bird with a big head. I like to ponder on things, or to poop on them.

Plush Penguin ElliottElliott on Twitter

A twample of Elliott’s tweets that my little plush bunnies especially approve of:

Why is something that’s happening NOW called “in real time”? Is there also a fake time? And if something happens HERE is it “in real space”?

Planning to become the first Antarctic CEO, will launch a social birdwork. Still unsure if I should call it Penguer or Birdbook. Or Blubber?

There is a scientific discipline that studies the mating of birds. I believe it is called horny-thology ;-)

My favorite sport is birdathlon. Birdathlon rules depend on the type of bird; penguins run to the sea, eat as much fish as they can & then whoever poops more wins

@plushbunnyisms The time zone here is whatever you want it to be, which gives you the chance to change it twice a day and continue sleeping

Richard Dawkins’ latest book is called “The Greatest Show on Earth”, however the title is misleading since it’s not a book on Seinfeld

I am planning to set up my own API: Advanced Penguin Interface. I will use it to communicate with other birdies and critters.

I am a member of the Penguins’ Organization for the Observation of People. (This organization is mostly known by its acronym.)

Today I had a religious debate with my plush friends. The atheists ones don’t believe that toy factories exist.


Und wer nicht genug bekommen kann: Nicht Plüsch, aber Flausch, gibt es Sonntags regelmäßig bei Stefan Niggemeier.


If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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