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Stoffhäschen-Sonntag (3)

plush bunnyisms

plush bunnyisms

As of last week, my little plush bunnies have a new friend on Twitter.

Meet from Antarctica:

I am a plush penguin bird with a big head. I like to ponder on things, or to poop on them.

Plush Penguin ElliottElliott on Twitter

A twample of Elliott’s tweets that my little plush bunnies especially approve of:

Why is something that’s happening NOW called “in real time”? Is there also a fake time? And if something happens HERE is it “in real space”?

Planning to become the first Antarctic CEO, will launch a social birdwork. Still unsure if I should call it Penguer or Birdbook. Or Blubber?

There is a scientific discipline that studies the mating of birds. I believe it is called horny-thology ;-)

My favorite sport is birdathlon. Birdathlon rules depend on the type of bird; penguins run to the sea, eat as much fish as they can & then whoever poops more wins

@plushbunnyisms The time zone here is whatever you want it to be, which gives you the chance to change it twice a day and continue sleeping

Richard Dawkins’ latest book is called “The Greatest Show on Earth”, however the title is misleading since it’s not a book on Seinfeld

I am planning to set up my own API: Advanced Penguin Interface. I will use it to communicate with other birdies and critters.

I am a member of the Penguins’ Organization for the Observation of People. (This organization is mostly known by its acronym.)

Today I had a religious debate with my plush friends. The atheists ones don’t believe that toy factories exist.


Und wer nicht genug bekommen kann: Nicht Plüsch, aber Flausch, gibt es Sonntags regelmäßig bei Stefan Niggemeier.


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