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A One-Picture-Story of Anger and Sadness

“Please Let My Son Marry” by David Friedman

“Please Let My Son Marry” by David Friedman

On his Twitter account , photographer David Friedman wrote:

At NYC City Hall, after most protesters had begun making their way home, this guy was still there with his son [Link to TwitPic image, defunct].

During election night, science philosopher John S. Wilkins wrote at his blog Evolving Thoughts:

Now for the downside of the elections: The antigay marriage measures in Arizona and Florida passed, and it looks like the Californian one will also pass. I cannot see how anyone can justify refusing a large minority the rights afforded the majority. There’s a name for that.

And we know it very well. It’s still fresh.

Human Rights History Part I & II

Human Rights History Part I & II

… plus some related music.


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