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Happy Pigs

Pigs and the Human Condition (Plus, Pigs Are Cute)

Attributes like “poisonous,” “filthy,” or “wallowing in urine and excrement” sound suspiciously familiar.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris in Berkeley: Can Science Determine Human Values?

Sam Harris’s terrific presentation in Berkeley about how science is the best tool we have at our disposal to alleviate human suffering and advance well-being.

creed of reason

On Condom Use (Just One Sentence)

Not for the easily offended.

creed of reason

Yes, Virginia, Religion Is Child Abuse

Indeed there is a hell, and children’s minds are where they built it. A recent video clip from Thunderf00t and a lengthy excerpt from James Joyce.

creed of reason

Reason, Rhetoric, and the Politics of Religion

The rather confrontational style of Pat Condell isn’t for the faint-hearted or feeble-minded. But emotional & offensive doesn’t equal irrational & unreasonable.


On Pork

I’m neither religulous nor a vegetarian, so why do I refuse to eat pork? Here’s the story.