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Christopher Nolan’s Tenet



Tenet, UK/USA 2020. Directed and written by Christopher Nolan.

Lichtburg Essen, Row F, Seats 21. 70mm analog projector, original version.

(This post originally appeared, in slightly different form, at my Instagram account betweendrafts.)

Don’t @ me with, like, this other Nolan movie is better for this reason, or that other Nolan movie is better for that reason, I’d probably even agree, but it ain’t matter!

Tenet pressed all of my science fiction action thriller buttons big time, and I inhaled its insane pacing like a stream of pure oxygen, helped along by Görannson’s score, van Hoytema’s cinematography, the unique texture of analog film, and this incredible movie palace.


Even weeks later, each time I put on my mask and leave the house, I imagine myself to be the Protagonist leaving the Freeport building and experiencing inverted time for the first time.

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