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Wir befinden uns im Jahre 2011. Social Media ist überall … Überall?

brand meets world

brand meets world

Nein! Von unbeugsamen Managern bevölkerte Unternehmen hören nicht auf, den neuen Technologien Widerstand zu leisten.

“An amazing 74 % of business social media users believe that the technology has blurred the lines between internal and external communications.” —Melcrum (gehört inzwischen zu CEB).

Das Video “Social Media @ Work” von Red Sky Vision gehört zu den besten Beiträgen zum Thema Social Media und interne Unternehmenskommunikation, die ich in letzter Zeit gelesen oder gesehen habe:

“Social Media @ Work”

Daraus drei Zitate, Hervorhebungen von mir.

David Ferrabee, zu der Zeit bei Able and How:

There’s a question for me that I think is a really important one, which is: How do we reconcile what’s happening inside organizations with what’s happening outside organizations. Inside companies, you have people putting notes over the watercooler, you have what used to be “didn’t you get the memo” and is now “didn’t you get the email.” Outside businesses you have people living entirely off mobile devices, who aren’t even carrying wallets anymore. So how is it that technology has in some respects skipped the organization?

Rebecca Richmond, zu der Zeit Research Director von Melcrum:

Social Media platforms within internal communications are fantastic and and they present enormous opportunities that we never had before to, again, really engage in that notion of dialog with employees. But if you’re not really stepping back to think about “what is the overall goal?” then you’re going to potentially invest a lot of money into something that nobody will use. Potentially undermining internal communications because people will think, well if we’ve got a blog and a Yammer!, why do we need internal communicators?

Neil Gibbons, Communicate Magazine:

Now you have a direct conduit to whoever you want within the organization. You can make yourself heard from the very bottom. Not just “back up” the hierarchy but across and outside. But this means that organizations have to be much looser and kind of chilled out a bit, really.

Einen perspektivischen Einwand hätte ich allerdings: den zuweilen fast ausschließlichen Fokus auf “Content” in den Beiträgen, vor dem Hintergrund von Cory Doctorows “Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.” Zu diesem Aspekt und zur Rolle der von Rebecca Richmond angesprochenen “Internal Communicators” werde ich morgen ausführlicher schreiben auf dem Blog “Ask-the-Management” [RIP]. (Shameless Shill: Ich schreibe dort regelmäßig zu Themen im Umfeld von Human Resources und Internal Communications; da es sich um ein »berufliches Blog« handelt, ist der Ton etwas formeller, aber der Inhalt, wie ich hoffe, trotzdem interessant.)



If you have something valuable to add or some interesting point to discuss, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you at Mastodon!

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